1978 – 1983

This not a totally comprehensive list of the important dates for Aragorn, but it is complete as memory, old diaries and frayed bits of paper can provide. If anyone knows of any other dates, please let us know. Many of the support dates are missing, but those that can be verified are included

September 1978         Jon Hull froms band with Chris Dunne with Dale Lee (bass) and Chris Dadson (drums)

Late 1979                    Lee and Dadson leave

April 1980                   Mike Ellis joins band

30th August 1980      gig?, Macclesfield

25th September 1980  Smile Studios, Manchester (Black Ice demo recording)

24th November 1980  Impulse Studios, Wallsend (Black Ice single recording)

11th December 1980   Henry’s, Manchester

? th  December 1980   Chris White (bass) and Andy Halliwell (2nd guitar) join

? th January 1981        Impulse Studios, Wallsend (EP recording)

5th February 1981       gig?, Huddersfield (supp. Spider)

9th February 1981       Black Ice single released

14th February 1981     The Spread Eagle, Ashton

18th February 1981     Crossville Muthas Club, Macclesfield

21st February 1981     The Masonic Arms, Bollington

25th February 1981     Interview: Piccadilly Radio, Manchester

27th February 1981     The Mecca, Newcastle (supp. White Spirit)

4th April 1981             Bike Rally, Macclesfield

9th April 1981             Black Ice #1 in Sounds HM chart

15th April 1981           Black Ice #1 in Piccadilly Radio HM Chart

17th April 1981           The Bulls Head, Manchester

29th May 1981             Mr M’s, Wigan (supp. Angelwitch)

? th June 1981             #2 Kerrrang with Aragorn interview

8th June 1981              Dixieland, Colwyn Bay (supp. Iron Maiden)

1st July 1981               Wigan Pier (supp. Lionheart)

15th August 1981       gig?, ?

26th August 1981       Bolton arena (headlining HM live show)

8th September 1981    Dixieland, Colwyn Bay (supp. Saxon)

13th October 1981      Manchester Apollo (supp. ?)

25th October 1981      White and Halliwell leave

late 1981                     various bass players come and go, Graham Timson (bass) joins

30th January 1982       gig?, Warrington

4th February 1982       Jillys, Manchester (supp. ?)

15th February 1982     Jillys, Manchester (supp. ?)

11th March 1982         Jillys, Manchester (supp. ?)

28th March 1982         The Star, Stoke on Trent. Timson leaves

4th April 1982             Nigel Stollof (bass) joins

14th April 1982           gig?, Manchester

23rd April 1982           The Bulls Head, Manchester

27th April 1982           The Phoenix, Manchester

May 1982                    Album rehearsals begin

7th June 1982              Wigan Pier (supp. ?)

25th July 1982             gig?, Macclesfield

24th August 1982       The Phoenix, Manchester

2nd September 1982   The Star, Stoke on Trent

5th September 1982    gig?, Manchester

19th September 1982  gig?, Manchester

24th September 1982  The Commercial, Stockport

October 1982              Album rehearsals and demo recording

6th November 1982    Album recording starts

30th January 1983       Album recording completed

February 1983             Live show rehearsals

10th March 1983         Jillys, Manchester

26th March 1983         gig?, ?

8th April 1983             Macclesfield Arms

9th April 1983             The Gallery, Manchester

13th April 1983           The Gallery, Manchester

21st April 1983           gig?, Knutsford

30th April 1983           The Plough, Manchester (last live appearance) 


25th November 1983, Chris Dunne’s new band, Katmandu did a gig in Macclesfield with Mike Ellis on drums. During the set, Jon Hull came on stage and performed one track written especially for the gig with Mike and bass player, Steve Steadman who Mike had met after the band split when they were both in a short lived reincarnation of AIIZ.



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