ABOVE: Night is Burning 12" vinyl (Sommor Records SOMM036 - 2017)
ABOVE: Night is Burning CD  (Depressive Illusions Records CUT755 - 2012)
ABOVE: Night is Burning CD  (Hot Foot Productions HFCDLP02 - 2014)

 ABOVE: Noonday - The Aragorn Anthology CD (Sanctuary CMRCD808 - 2003)

 ABOVE: Black Ice c/w Noonday 7" vinyl (Neat Records NEAT07 - 1981)

ABOVE: Black Ice c/w Noonday CD (Skol Records N-14308 - 2016)

ABOVE: L-R: "THE ESSENTIAL NEAT RECORDS SINGLES COLLECTION" - 2CD (pony canyon PCCY01413 - 1999) Japanese issue (includes "Noonday").  "LEAD WEIGHT" - MC Compilation (Neat/Sounds NEATC100 - 1981) - Free tape for Sounds' readers (includes "Noonday"),

ABOVE: "LEAD WEIGHTt" - LP Compilation (Neat/Base NEAT1000 - 1981) - Italian issue only and CD (Neat/Teichiku TECX25420 - 1992) - Japanese issue (includes "Noonday").

ABOVE RIGHT: "NEAT RECORDS: THE FLAME BURNS ON" - 2CD (Essential/Castle/Sanctuary CMDDD391 - 2002)(includes "Black Ice"), 

RIGHT: "LEAD WEIGHT" - CD Compilation (Essential/Sanctuary CMUCD456 - 2002) - European issue (includes "Noonday"). 

BELOW: "THE NEAT SINGLES COLLECTION VOL. 1" - 2CD (Essential/Castle/Sanctuary CMDDD445 - 2002)(includes "Black Ice" and "Noonday"), 

BELOW RIGHT:  "NEAT RECORDS: THE FIRST STRIKE OF NWOBHM" - CD (elap 57708CD - 1996) Greek press by Metal Hammer Magazine (includes "Noonday").

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